Exxxotica 2010 Wrap-up

This past weekend we performed America's Most Dangerous Gameshow for the 3rd year in a row at the Exxxotica 2010 Adult Convention in Edison, NJ. Our pal Nate "Igor" Smith with Driven By Boredom.com was on hand once again to capture the insanity, check out all his pictures in the re-cap here!

You can also see the gallery on the Village Voice website as well!

"As a quick refresher insane person and dear friend Doug Sakmann gets on stage and brings up several Burning Angels and several really stupid dudes. He then hurts them severely and if they can survive the pain then the Burning Angel’s get naked. Unfortunately (and sort of ironically) because this time they did it at a porn convention no one could actually get naked. They could however really hurt the guys.

They whipped them with cords, they tortured their nipples and they suffocated them. When that didn’t work they kicked them in the nuts and eventually electrocuted the winner with a dog collar. It was all very brutal and there are a bunch of nice shots from it."

Exxxtacy Wrap-Up July 16-18th

The windy city was blown away by Strip for Pain with Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel girls - Draven Star, Misti Dawn, Jessie Lee, Kleio and Pheonix Askani! Here is some photo galleries outlining the aftermath of the shows, we'll have full episodes from Exxxtacy 2010 as well as the Admiral Theater afterparty soon!

The Exxxtacy show was a 'Jersey Shore' theme, in which contestants had to 'do their hair' while being beaten with speaker wire and fist bump into boards with nails in them. For the grand finale, the remaining contestant of four, Ernesto Lopez completed a spray paint - spray tan while being whipped and beaten with florescent light bulbs!

Also during Exxxtacy, the house band Mr. 19 and Misti Dawn were 'carted' around the convention floor co-host Doug Sakmann for a travel edition for Strip for Pain, and Joanna and Doug were on Playboy Radio Sirius/XM talking about and performing an impromptu SFP.

Admiral Theater Chicago – Exxxtacy Afterparty

Check out a video preview from the Admiral Strip for Pain Show here!

On Sunday night, July 19th the official Exxxtacy afterparty took place at the Admiral Theater and much debauchery ensued with a special "Competitive Eating" edition of Strip for Pain in honor of our favorite competitive eater, Tim "Gravy" Brown; he holds the official world record for eating Potato Wedges; 3.74 lbs in 8 minutes, and he is also ranked the #1 most disgusting competitive eater in the world!

In honor of his record, contestants had to eat a box of potato chips and chug a 24oz bottle of ketchup while being whipped and beaten unmercifully by six beautiful girls. The second round was a sausage eating contest, the contestant who took it the deepest won. In the end, we broke a new world record with the most horse semen ever eaten while being electrocuted, over 70 oz!

Below are a few pictures from the night by the Lovely Brenda as well as some iPhone photos taken by Doug Sakmann throughout the Chicago trip, including the location of the remaining board of nails! Since it could not be taken on the plane it was abandoned at a Bowling Alley. Chicago, see if you can find it! We'll have the full episode soon!